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Frequently asked questions

1) What are the different GAWA® Stacking Racks?

There are currently two different types of racks: the Econ Series and the LS Series.

2) What is the Econ Series? What is the price range?

The Econ Series consists of standard sized racks that come in various lengths to make full use of your available space. The 4 shelf racks are 6' (183cm) in height and the cost ranges from S$188 for the 3' (92cm) rack to S$290 for the 6' rack.

3) What is the LS Series? What is the price range?

The LS Series is so named after its L-shape. The biggest advantage of GAWA® LS Series racks is the total absence of obstructing poles at the joint, thereby increasing your available storage space significantly! View these pictures for a better idea. LS Series, unlike the Econ Series, has no fixed price. The cost is calculated by S$40 per metre, S$4 per pole that is 40cm or below and S$6 per pole that is otherwise. For a better idea, check out the calculation example we have provided.

4) How much weight can GAWA® Stacking Racks take?

The recommended load for the Econ Series is 100kg per panel while the LS Series can take up to 120kg minimum per panel.

5) How do you make your racks this strong?

GAWA® Stacking Racks are made of galvanized steel sheets and are double banded at the bottom of the panel for reinforcement.

6) Will your racks ever rust?

The racks are made of steel electroplated with a layer of zine to prevent rust. The finishing of every panel is epoxy powder coated and oven baked to last. This is a better method as opposed to the usual method of normal painting or spray painting. Hence, you will find the same feel and touch as what you find on similarly processed window grills or door grills.

7) What other colors do GAWA® Stacking Racks come in?

Ivory is our standard colour. White, grey, black, red and other colours on our colour chart are open for selection.

8) Can I collect the racks myself and save on the delivery costs?

Of course, we don't believe in charging our customers for services we did not provide. Furthermore, we have included the assembly instructions in printed form and they are sufficiently easy and comprehensive for anyone to use. However, we strongly recommend that you engage our services as the racks are heavy and may require 1-2 persons to carry it. Our friendly and strong employees can swiftly assembly the rack and save you on time and labor.

9) Can you come to my house and measure the space?

Sure we can. All you have to do is to go to the enquiries page and fill up the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call our office during office hours and we can determine the most appropriate time for us to go down to your house. Our telephone number is (65) 6289-6393.

10) Do you deliver on Sundays?

Unfortunately, we do not except on very special occasions. You can contact us and we will determine it on a case-by-case situation subjected to the availability of our resources. However, we do delivery for the whole of Saturday.